How to

How it works: upload a sample of your voice and receive your results. Create the audio using the voice memo app provided for free on your smartphone device. 

  1. Turn on Voice Recording app
  2. Let 5 seconds pass in silence, so that you record the room tone or background noise. 
  3. Start intoning 'aah'. Take breaths as needed - the algorithm will return an image for up to 3 instances of 'aah'. Get at least 20 seconds, and up to 1 minute of recording. 
  4. Stop recording. Your app will automatically create a file for you, and you can rename it. 

Please see the video directions below for your iPhone or Android device. If you'd rather place your order from your desktop or laptop, simply make the audio on your iPhone or Android device and email it to yourself. 


How to make your voice recording: